Academic Reading and Writing


The Academic Reading

  • Is a high intermediate academic reading and vocabulary skills program. It is intended for students who need to improve their strategic reading skills and build their academic vocabulary.
  • This program offers a skill-based approach to academic reading instruction. Throughout each lesson, students are introduced to a variety of academic reading and vocabulary-building skills, which they hen apply to high interest, thematically-related readings.
  • Each unit begins with an in-depth study of key skills and strategies for reading academic texts, helping students to learn how and when to use them so they can apply the skills consciously.

The Academic Writing

  • Is a program that will focus in helping students to be able completing their academic writing tasks. Through expensive use of examples, model texts, and practical activities, the course develops the essential skills needed to compose texts which meet the expectations of an academic readers.
  • This program takes students through a step by step process of writing expository, argumentative, and compare and contrast essays.

LENGTH : 32 weeks (start with the Reading and then gradually combine with the Writing)