Elite never compromises on education. Neither should you. This year, we'll keep you OnTrack, no matter what’s happening elsewhere.




What Is Elite on Track?

OnTrack is Elite’s response to the current pandemic. No, we’re not talking about COVID-19; we’re talking about the pandemic in education. For many students, high school distance learning has resulted in unfocused and insufficient preparation for exams and upcoming courses. Because of the accompanying grade inflation, colleges will be relying on standardized tests such as AP Exams and SAT Subject Tests to put students’ online grades in context and measure each applicant’s true college readiness.

Students with college aspirations can’t afford to put their learning on hold. Elite OnTrack is our way of making sure that students are learning what they need to succeed at the next level and validating their grades with exceptional test scores.



How Does It Works?

Elite OnTrack students attend 3 hours of live, online lectures each week. Challenging weekly assessments ensure mastery of the material—and small classes guarantee personalized attention from our expert teachers.  

Register for Elite OnTrack courses in tandem with corresponding high school courses or as a preview of future courses. Either way, your student will be ahead of the class and on track to subject mastery, excellent exam scores, and impressive college applications.



"The amazing teachers and staff at Elite Prep helped me maximize my success and accomplish things I had never even dreamed when I started high school. Thank you for putting me on track toward a brighter future!"

Ashwin R. • Elite Student • Caltech




Expert instructors who know their subjects inside and out

At Elite, we only work with the best: teachers who are experts in their fields and display the energy and enthusiasm necessary to effectively engage and motivate students.



Mentorship and accountability College readiness doesn’t end with great test scores

More than just test prep: At Elite, we help motivate students and hold them accountable as they progress toward their goals. Your Elite counselor will meet with you online to help you stay on track, set concrete goals, and build a plan of action for academic success.



Interactive online features to keep students engaged

Sure, college prep is serious business, but we also like to have a good time in class! Our teachers integrate games, pop quizzes, small-group breakout sessions, and online polls to keep things fun and engaging in the virtual classroom.