Dual-Credit Courses

Take fully accredited college-level courses while still in high school. Quickly and significantly raise your GPA, display your drive by challenging yourself with rigorous coursework, and potentially earn college credit.





  • 1-semester long college courses = two 5.0 GPAs on EOS transcript.
  • Transcript from EOS + transcript from accredited university (Mid-America Christian University).
  • Finish 1 course as fast as 8 weeks.
  • Tuition $1500 per course.
  • Course may transfer to universities to replace General Education requirements.
  • Students have an opportunity to earn an Associate's of Arts (AA) Degree through EOS (terms applied).



Ideal for Students who...

  • May not perform well in AP Exam.
  • Does not have time to attend local community college classes.
  • Need flexibility with schedule.
  • Wants to apply to both public and private schools.
  • Need fastest GPA boost, limited time before application deadlines.
  • Want to get ahead of General Education Requirements in College.
  • Want to demonstrate passion for certain major but do not have enough AP classes to show it.