More than just tutoring

The academic guidance your student needs to get ahead and stay ahead in school.



How it works?



Consultation & Goal-Setting

Your initial consultation with an Elite Academic Advisor includes a complete student assessment of GPA, study habits, and personality traits. Together we’ll identify problem areas, set concrete goals, and make a plan of action for academic success.


Personalized Tutoring

Your student will receive regular, customized tutoring with an expert instructor,
who will help them raise their scores, develop curiosity, and build powerful study skills that they will use throughout college and beyond.


College Guidance

We’ll help you create a master plan for the future, making sure your student is taking the right classes, participating in the right activities, and heading for college admissions success.


Academic Advising

Juggling your student’s class schedule, tests, and activities while keeping them accountable and motivated can be a lot to handle. That’s where we come in. We’ll meet with you and your student regularly to review their progress and update academic goals.




What is the Academic Management Program?

A professional-led, AI-assisted & prescriptive learning solution to help students to master Math and English skills for school. (Helps students who is fall behind to catch up with the other students but also gives an advance students materials or lessons for them to do ,so they can be ready for a higher level challenges in certain subjects)



Good for students who . . .

  • Lives too far and can’t come to center.
  • Weak in Math or English at school and need effective support.
  • Cannot pay heavy tuition.
  • Do not need a high-impact course.
  • Need more assistance for long term GPA management to improve school grades throughout year
  • Have parents who want everything taken care of but still need to know their kids academic status



Through management, students have a better chance to improve their mastery in certain area of certain subjects (and helping schools in simplify their teaching plans by having almost the same level of skills students in their classes)