Renata Alyssa
Summer 2019 - St. Laurensia

"Elite is great! A place to help me learning and improve more in English! The…"

Tiara Soemedi
Spring 2019 - BBS PIK

"Joining Elite helped me to increase my SAT score. Being a part of Elite had taught…"

Vibilan Jayanth
Winter 2018 - Australian International School

"Elite really helped me with my SAT preparation especially with essay. The teacher…"

Marjorie Wangsawijaya
Spring 2019 - SIS PIK

"Elite is a small community, but has heartwarming and friendly staff members.…"

Christian Dave
Fall 2018 - SIS PIK

"Elite is great! As someone who barely writes in English or even writes at all,…"

Louisa Nakamura
Summer 2019 - GMIS

"I really enjoyed my time at the summer classes in Elite Educational Institute.…"

Russel Huang
Spring 2019 - BBS PIK

"I love Elite. Already recommended :) Can write notes much more efficiently. Yes"

Brian Wilbert Saputra
Summer 2019 - Santa Laurensia

"The summer was great. I learned to be better at writing essay and analyzing essay.…"