Alicia Grace Lesmana
Fall 2023 - CBCS

""Elite has helpful and friendly teachers. It is a great place to take SAT prep…"

Dario Irawan

"Elite is great and has helped me prepare for the IELTS test. The courses are…"

Megan Elizabeth Liem

""There are no instant results!" Achieving results requires a process with planned…"

Theodore Eugene Tajuni
Fall 2019 - GMIS

"Even after taking a few classes here in Elite, I noticed an improvement in my…"

Keith Bryce
Fall 2019 - SIS PIK

"Elite has improved my writing and reading skills in a way I cannot explain. Thank…"

Keira Madeline
Fall 2019 - BBS PIK

"Elite is a great place to learn as in continues to encourage us to do our best.…"

Andersen Chandradinata
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"Elite has help me to increase my SAT score"

Joselito Augustinus Widjaja
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"Elite has helped me increase my SAT scores from 1000-ish to 1200-ish"

Emelie Krisalyn Jayawiyanto
Fall 2018 - SIS PIK

"The Book Club is interesting. We have a great time each session. Sometimes we…"

Xavier Frederic Ho
Fall 2019 - BBS PIK

"I think that Elite helps me to analyse and understand passages better. Elite…"

Aldrie Chandradinata
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"The course was very educative and personal helps me to better understand how…"

Daniel Sam Wijaya
Fall 2019 - BBS PIK

"Ever since I joined Elite, my english has improved. I am proud"