Benanda Karim Prabowo
Fall 2019 - JIS

" have improved my reading capabilities as well as my writing skill."

Thibault Andi Rosseaux
Fall 2019 - SIS PIK

"Very friendly people, very good food, good place to study. Love the library and…"

Tony Soegiarto
Fall 2019 - SIS PIK

"I am happy and grateful to be part of Elite which gives great preparation for…"

Carlson Sutanto
Fall 2019 - SIS PIK

"Elite has really helped me these past few months. Hearing how to manage my time…"

Kenneth Yabes Latanna
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"Elite was very helpful in preparing me for the SAT. I would recommend Elite to…"

Dave Matthew Keene
Fall 2019 - JIS

"After joining Elite, my reading and writing scores improved. They give students…"

Bryan Sulaeman
Winter 2018 - GMIS

"This course has helped me improve my SAT score as well as my essay. The teacher…"

Wilbert Suvero
Winter 2018 - GMIS

"Thank you for the great and fun class. I learn a lot of new things and improve…"

Renata Alyssa
Summer 2019 - St. Laurensia

"Elite is great! A place to help me learning and improve more in English! The…"

Tiara Soemedi
Spring 2019 - BBS PIK

"Joining Elite helped me to increase my SAT score. Being a part of Elite had taught…"

Vibilan Jayanth
Winter 2018 - Australian International School

"Elite really helped me with my SAT preparation especially with essay. The teacher…"

Marjorie Wangsawijaya
Spring 2019 - SIS PIK

"Elite is a small community, but has heartwarming and friendly staff members.…"