Theodore Eugene Tajuni
Fall 2019 - GMIS

"Even after taking a few classes here in Elite, I noticed an improvement in my…"

Keith Bryce
Fall 2019 - SIS PIK

"Elite has improved my writing and reading skills in a way I cannot explain. Thank…"

Keira Madeline
Fall 2019 - BBS PIK

"Elite is a great place to learn as in continues to encourage us to do our best.…"

Andersen Chandradinata
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"Elite has help me to increase my SAT score"

Joselito Augustinus Widjaja
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"Elite has helped me increase my SAT scores from 1000-ish to 1200-ish"

Emelie Krisalyn Jayawiyanto
Fall 2018 - SIS PIK

"The Book Club is interesting. We have a great time each session. Sometimes we…"

Xavier Frederic Ho
Fall 2019 - BBS PIK

"I think that Elite helps me to analyse and understand passages better. Elite…"

Aldrie Chandradinata
Fall 2019 - PSKG

"The course was very educative and personal helps me to better understand how…"

Daniel Sam Wijaya
Fall 2019 - BBS PIK

"Ever since I joined Elite, my english has improved. I am proud"

Nathaniel Aurey
Winter 2019 - NJHS

"The class is very interactive and the teachers are very engaging. There are a…"

Farra Lie
Fall 2018 - Sekolah Lentera Kasih

"The bookclub is fun and interesting. It includes watching movies and reading…"

Gabriella Lucita Sujanto
Winter 2019 - SIS PIK

"Elite is very nice, I really like it here. The teachers are really nice and I…"